Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Well here goes....
This is the Liebster Award! The word Liebster means 'Beloved' in German--and a show of love and support is what this award is all about. The idea is to bring attention to blogs with fewer than 200 followers.

The rules of winning this award are the following:
1. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
2. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment at their blog.
3. Post the Award on your blog.
4. Enjoy the love of some of the most supportive people on the Internet!

My wonderful neice included me in her awards list ( and because I am her coolest Aunty she made me FIRST ! ) her name is Becky and you can find her here Lovely Little Blog. It is funny, well written, entertaining and colourful.

 Apparently this award has done the rounds a bit now. I'm going to try and choose five loved blogs which haven't already been nominated: Also  I follow some pretty awesome blogs and without going to check - I know they have more than 200 followers. So sorry Frugal Queen who writes an amazing, inspirational blog on how to pay off your mortgage and eek the most out of everything, Jillsmo who deals with life frankly and with lots of swearing and hilarious drawings,  etc you are already loved by many! And if I were allowed to award a 6th place ( of 200 followers and under )  it would go to another of my favourite blogs to read My Beautiful Life. Great stuff girls xxx

In first place is my brave sister. You can read all about Harry's journey here http://harrywillbeatcancer.blogspot.com/
She writes in a similar way to me, although naturally less witty for I am the funny one ( French n Saunders private joke )  and I know she could use all the extra love and support right now.

In second place , show the girl some love, she is my neice  and her blog http://www.bexxoxo.com/ is just so pretty , like her! Also she is YOUNG and reading her blog makes you feel young. FACT. And when you are eternally 28 this is an important factor in every day life!

  Thirdly I would like you to meet my bestest friend in the whole wide world, and she is, in the whole wide world! We have been tinterweb buddys since the year 2000. I know this because that's when we got our very first computer and I dabbled in the chat rooms!! Har Har - I deliberately wrote it that way for the comedic effect, however it was all very innocent. It was a photography chat room. We posted our photos and we gave feedback. We also dodged the ASL folk and had a good laugh. Sadly I don't think the Darkroom is even there anymore. One of the regulars tried to revive it but I think we all just out grew it! Anyway through thick ( me) and thin ( she) we have stuck together and laughed and cried ( a LOT of tears ) our way through a decade and more!. We live this strange parallel life where everything that happens to me, happens to her! I love her dearly ( even if her presents never make it over here!) so go meet her at her lovely, charming, informative ( she is brainy) blog. She also made me tweet and for that I love her a bit harder! We are also writing a book together, we are p to chapter 867 by now!
Here you go Eryn xxx http://www.hearth2heart.com/

Next, or, penultimately ( I love a good posh word )
 I would like to recommend Moschops. She has a similar working life/ethic to me. Her blog is on my must read every post list. She is funny, posts pictures, writes a lot of sense and makes me giggle - also we are now friends elswhere ont tinternet and I'm sure one day our paths will meet! Oh almost forgot to link you in! http://moschopsinthemiddleofnowhere.blogspot.com/

And lastly not leastly ( This is really hard to keep it down to five) I'd like to give the award to
John for all the support for Harry's journey. For raising the profile and helping gain support for Lisa. He does waffle on a bit though!!!! ( Oh cmon, you do!! )  But it's always worth a read. http://murphyfish-musing.blogspot.com/

And that's it! Congratulations to my winners!


  1. This makes me so happy!

    I'm actually putting together a Christmas package right NOW. Or as I call it "An Exercise in Futility" present.

    You make my life better, Rachel. Even if you're 1/2 a world away, you're my closest friend. I love you to bits.

  2. Just writing this makes me smiley xxx

  3. I do not waffle! I am short and to the the point with carefully calculated words expressing incise and concise statements of observation using the barest minimal amount of words. indeed it could be said that never has so much been said using so few words in the history of blogging, in fact young lady I would also like to point out that.... ah I see what you mean Rach, bugger!
    Hey cheers for this I'll follow instruction and do what I'm told boss ;-)

  4. YAY!! Thank you!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  5. aw thanks, sob. I never win anything. Thank you for being my rock, my best friend and the bestest aunty, Harry and the others could ever wish for.
    You may be funnier but I will always be younger mwuuhhaaahaaahaaa

  6. Thank youuu :) Glad you like my pink blog.. Hehe xo

  7. its nice to have an award for the up and coming bloggers too....not just the big ones! Good choices.

  8. THANKS Rach! I dont tend to win stuff so I am all well chiffed (I am also chuffed. Chiffed was a spelling mistake but I do quite like the word....) and the like. Glad I make you smile with my randomness and general twaddle.

  9. Nice to meet you, thanks to the lovely Moschops.


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